I am almost always stuck in this dark, perverted reality we live in.
What do you have to sell.

But with music it’s like I travel to another world
Escape all these rules and forget the wicked ways we behave in.
It opens the gates of my minds narrow cell
Recreates that child inside
the one I once locked away.

I guess, you could say
Music is my star-ship.
There are no brakes.
Maybe it is quiet
But space is full of waves.

I fear,
True music might soon be gone
Art is a dangerous freedom
They can’t afford
In times like these.

~ Lmrd

Make them

You hate me, I can see the flame in your eye.
But it’s funny.
You really would like to be like me.
I’m like no one you’ve ever seen.
It is too late now, hate got your ambitions turned mean.
Keen on keeping up the scene.

Restrictions are in order to bring disorder.
Borders necessary to divide classes.
Can’t have the masses with access to the hub.
Can’t let the poor in a garden of money trees.
Open your eyes please,
you have a decease.
And no vaccine will please the needs
of the parasite.
Only your insight will tame the beast,
stop his feast,
halt it at least.
Just get your thoughts right
and fucking make them.


Feeling machines

You said that you believe humans have already reached the point where we understand human intelligence, enough to merge with technology.
I can’t get that into my mind.
And I think a lot of what we know might well come to light as erroneous.

But I know nothing about it.

I do believe that we will be able to merge, in a way with tech.
But in a very limited way.
Maybe even disadvantageous.
But I wish I am wrong.
The future will tell, since that is inevitably where we are headed.

A machine that think for itself as in conscious/moral decision.
I just can’t see that anytime soon, if ever.
I believe that you can fool a human into trusting the way the machine answers, you might get a feeling that it is aware.
But to me, the machine will always answer according to the code written, depending on the variables and information given to it.
Or simply random.
Then you might think that the machine think it feels.
But that would be thanks to the designer.
And the only way for it to change would be new/altered information or instructions.
Not reflection.

It is too easily corrupted to be truly alive.
As is many living men.

Oh crap, maybe you’re right.
And we are already there.


The clown

Teacher – Sit down kids.
Today, we are going to have some fun with animals and puzzles.

Everybody – YAY!

Teacher – How many legs does 10 elephants have?
– 200!
– no, three hundred million!
– 40.
– 40.
– 40.
Teacher – Do we all agree on 40?
The class clown – Wait!
It could be 4 or 40.
Teacher – Stop it, how could it be 4, that would be just one elephant.
– Laughter.
Clown – But you didn’t say if it was like… How many legs does 10 elephants have each or together, in a way 10 elephants still have 4 legs.
Teacher – Oh, please…
Well, that was not the question.
The correct answer is 40, good job everybody!

Now look at this picture, how many legs does the elephant have.
Remember kids, this is called an optical illusion, so we might all see it a little bit different.
– 8!
– 5!
– 4.
– 10.
The smart kid – I think it is 4, because if it didn’t have 4 legs, it wouldn’t be an elephant on the picture.
Teacher – Oh my, that is a very interesting thought, wow!
But the answer is 5, good job everyone!
The clown – Wait!
Yes, that is a super interesting thought. But maybe it is not right.
Because an elephant doesn’t always have 4 legs right, maybe he has some mutation like x-men and has 5, or a lion ate one. Is the elephant really defined by it’s number of legs?
Teacher – Oh come on, you again!?
Will you stop disrupting the class with your nonsense all the time.
We already know the answer to the illusion on the picture, it is 5.
Now lets move on.

You wonder how he became a clown, growing up in a circus.
And he never had fun.


Everyone knows

There are three different ways of knowing.

1. Accepting:
Might not be correct but you have accepted it because of X factors, for example; you trust the source.

2. Understanding:
You get the idea and how to achieve it. You know about the consequences after getting there.
It works, you must be the best at this job!
Everyone around you should be thankful that you are here.

3. Not knowing (Usually only achievable by a handful within your domain):
When you know (probably) everything there is to read about it, you know how to apply it and do it flawlessly almost every single time.
But you sense there is something missing, you know it is working.
But maybe a bit ineffective?
And what if the handbook was flawed?
You know things change and the future has not been documented.
You know that there is no way to know, and it is funny how some think they do.



I don’t get all this fighting.
There is no black,
there is no white.
Everything is red, green and blue.

Sly slideshows makes truth manifest inside your head.
The electron glows with phosphor,
You have seen it on the fatscreen.
And so do you
The world is so dark, you need another reality to hide in.
Stories with doubtful historical roots, plots preparing you
for the future to come
On the agenda.

Don’t just give it to them, you fucking bum.
Do something, you be the guide.
What comes next is not what is supposed to happen,
no man controls the aether, there is no set order of events.
All statistics could be wrong tomorrow.
Whatever everybody said is coming,
It is not up to them.

It is always what you choose.
All it takes is you.
You are wasting your lightbulb
Inside an empty, cold, code.
In hibernation mode.

I bet they made you believe that little you can’t do shit against all of that might.
Might as well just go down to the store and contaminate
get another useless item, great.
Makes me feel so much better.
Unfortunately nowadays, people even stopped to show up
Outside their houses
Just deliver it to the door.

I will tell you a secret.
You, alone are what they fear the most
You are the one
Always remember
There is nothing more dangerous to the pact
than individual initiative.
Take it
be light.


Nothing is said

What are you man?
I do not know.
All I know is that I am no different from you
Or anyone else.

I’m just another bait in the sea-sim.
Eternally floating like I’m in a dim nightmare.
Deceived through televised faith, sixty inch size,
insane refresh rate.
There are so many keis it’s ok.
Surely one day I’ll win.
Just spinning the machine of woken dreams,
and unconscious realities.
Broken down spirituality.
Got to fear the hate.

Courageous historical royalties,
in shiny books of logical tyranny.
Illogically written, it’s more like villainy.
Their felony is apparently chivalry.
Celebrated like angelic tokens.
The level of stupidity has broken our thought.
We left vanity for evangelic symbols,
left our processing to microchips.
Now we’re protesting for better netflix clips.

The irony man, why are we even bothering betting
for the better odds teams.
Don’t these tings seem odd to you… like, how hard is it really
to make up a result?
How shiny these modern day gladiators,
The cult.
Got us blinded by their nuclear light,
we’re all growing a glowing spine.

Buying all the gear that appear out of fear it’ll disappear out the atmosphere and you wont have a chance to get this sphere until,
at least the next astronomical year.
It’s all so unclear its comical, neuroanatomical, epidemiological… Stop.

Distant ancient aviators, borrowing our summer wine.
Ideologically our creators, it is clear but you are too conditioned to even think about fighting.
Safe in your vault.
You didn’t even realize the need, it’s not your fault.
You never took your eyes off the flat screen, see your daily dose of the opinions-stream.
The hazy hypnotic lightbeam.

Just go to sleep, you’re already stuck in the dreams they’ve put inside your rotten braincream.
Don’t trust your luck it’s not out there, it is all within.
And being fortunate has nothing to do with anything.
You’ll see what I mean, in a while.

It is about how you perceive the input received by your sockets.
Then the output, after you run.
You make the difference, however you compile it.
Read it again.
Investigate your sources.
What forces paid for the print.
There is always a hint of greed.
Nothing is said without someone’s benefit.